Two for Tuesday: UX for U, pt. 2

On last week’s first part of Two for Tuesday, we looked at UX and what exactly it is. Here’s a quick summary: UX is the process of designing products that are purposeful and interactive, allowing for a customer (or potential customer) to easily interact with said product. Last time, we specifically looked at how UX has the ability to drive customer loyalty… but the clever design strategy does a lot more than that, too.

Successful UX increases exposure. As puts it, “User experience (UX) design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the… devices in our lives. In other words, UX makes complex things easy to use.” With this definition in mind, consider The popular e-commerce website contains exemplary UX design: it has easily accessible user reviews which are rated according to helpfulness, offers free shipping in a variety of contexts, has one-click, easy ordering, and more. More than reacting to the customers’ needs, Amazon creates useful functions the user hadn’t even considered. In doing so, Amazon constantly acquires new Amazon Prime customers and increases sales seemingly as a pastime.

Successful UX drives social engagement. As Mike Whitney states, powerful UX campaigns are made up of four components: utility, usability, appeal, and engagement. With all four in place, there is the likelihood that the user will continue to engage with and share the product. Take the Snapchat Discover feed, for example. Snapchat users are able to view highlighted content from ESPN, WSJ, Cosmopolitan, and more. Once there, users have the option to share featured articles with friends by holding down the screen and sending it off to a buddy. This only happens, however, when the experience created is impressive enough to share. UX has the capability to drive social engagement on more than just Snapchat, of course, but it’s up to the marketer to drive the inclination of the user to engage.

Now that you know three key reasons why UX is a powerful strategy, consider applying it to your marketing campaigns. You might very well see increased customer loyalty, increased exposure, and increased social engagement as a result!

Elizabeth is a Junior Executive Intern at SJG. She earned her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this past May. Outside the office, she enjoys bike riding, listening to music, and hanging with friends and family.