Reasons Two Love Autumn

My sincere apologies if you are unfortunate to not live in a locale that offers the best of the seasons. Lucky for us, here in Chicago we are entering awesome autumn. The season that provides a second spring wherein “every leaf becomes a flower,” according to Albert Camus.

Personally, my two biggest reasons for loving this season are the following…

  1. It marks for me a season, more than any other, for change. In these months we can choose to lay to rest things that need to be, like leaves falling to the ground. There they can morph through the dormant seasons of winter to be part of what cultivates the soil for what may bloom come Spring.
  2. My less poetic reason to love fall is fashion.  Boots, sweaters, scarves, so many great options to layer on. Plus, there is no longer the mandate to shave your legs and maintain the essential bronze tone to look healthy. You can hide a lot of fur, whiteness and extra pounds under winter wear that is impossible to conceal in the summer.

Cover Photo Source: Ian Muttoo via Flickr

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